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Are you tired of living in your home where water leaks from everywhere? You cannot enjoy your life inside your personal sanctuare because of all the problems that come with your bad waterproofing? Problems like fungus, mold, dieseases, and even destruction of your house can all occur due to problems in waterproofing. This happens due to dampening of walls due to the leaking water that can even course through cement and tiles and make your life difficult.

But do not worry because we bring you the best non hacking waterproofing Malaysia that will turn your home just as new. Our innovative water proofing products are developed exclusively with Mountain innovations, which is a company that is dedicated to create the best products with the latest technologies. And our commitment to deliver you the best non hacking waterproofing will not let you down.

All our products are eco-friendly so you do not have to worry about the damage on the environment and you can let us waterproof every surface of your walls, floors, kitchen, bathrooms with no problems. Our non hacking waterproofing allows us to give you our pre-mix sollutions that we will coat in your home to make it an inpregnable wall that can never leak water.

All our products that we will use in our care are completely transparent and solluble, so that the texture and color of your surface is never impacted with our solution. Our non hacking waterproofing Malaysia used in preventive application to protect your home are very convinent to apply and are quite affordable. Our years of experienced professionals will come at your home at your convinence and will waterproof your home according to your directions. So call us now and become and exclusive part of our ever growing family!

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