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Balconies are an addition to your home. They give you with an attached extended space in your homes to walk outside. The balconies are strong and durable despite the fact that they do not have any backing up pillars like rest of the home does. However, balconies are never really protected like the interior home is.

Balconies are often exposed to all the outside environment problems like rain, blistering heating, floating fungus, and molds. All of these reasons can combine and may caused slab cracks and fractures on the inside of the walls. These cracks and fractures may lead to molds and fungus building up.

This leakage is highly dangerous in balconies because balconies do not necessarily have any support pillars. And so, balcony are just hanging while being attached to the house. If the leakage and cracks build up inside the balcony, it can easily break and give way. It may also cause huge collateral and life damages to both the residents and bystanders below.

In addition to that, water leaking in the balcony is usually caused by issues with rainwater outlet system. As the balcony are outdoor, there are often leaves and debris on the balcony which may cause the rainwater outlet to be clogged, and hence the problem may deteriorate into more serious water leak if the drainage system in the balcony is not water-proofed correctly.


We would like to introduce the best services of rectifying balcony waterproofing in Malaysia. We offer the highest quality waterproofing services, with very affordable rates. Our highly revered and experienced professionals are tasked to assist your balcony waterproofing rectification work. With just a single call, our professional waterproofing specialistwill come to your home for an inspection. After inspection, they will install our recommended balcony waterproofing system.

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