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Here are some of our testimonial commercial and residential waterproofing projects. We are very experienced in many different types of waterproofing projects of different nature. Such as Basement Waterproofing in PJ5 Tower, Roof Metal Deck Waterproofing in Setapak Central, Rooftop and Roof Slab Waterproofing, Bathroom Waterproofing, Fish Pond Waterproofing and Zinc Flashing Waterproofing.

Commercial Basement Leakage – PJ5

Basement leakage usually relates to basement car park for commercial properties like office block and shopping malls. Water seepage and leakage at the basement car park tends to occur if waterproofing is not done correctly during construction.
If the problem is small, drips of water will leak to your basement car park. This may impact the image of the building due to improper maintenance of the building, as well as water puddle at the basement affecting the safety of the tenants of the building from the slippery floors. However, if the problem deteriorates, it may cause structural weakening and flooding of the basement car park. Hence, it is important to fix the water leakage problem with basement waterproofing as soon as possible.

Commercial Roof Metal Deck Leakage – Setapak Central

Water leakage at metal roof deck needs some specialized waterproofing skills. The challenge for metal roof deck is that you need to investigate where the potential water leaking issue is. You will then need to rectify it by way of applying the flexible cementitious membrane. This is done to cover the potential hole, as well as apply nano polymer waterproofing.
In addition, you also need to assess the potential future water leakage problem due to rust. Besides that, we also assess the potential blockage which may cause the rain water to not flow smoothly. We need to be able to anticipate such potential issues based on our experience and expertise. Therefore, look no further, call your friendly waterproofing specialist now.

Commercial Roof Slab – NBT

Commercial Roof Slab often encounter problems such as water puddle due to an uneven surface. Besides that, it also encounters water seepage from the roof slabs due to inadequate rooftop waterproofing being done near the roof slab.We will also ensure water puddle does not build up at the rooftop, and rain water is channeled to the outlet treatment for proper drainage.
Our focus is especially on the roof slab, to ensure each angle fillet is properly applied with waterproofing to prevent water seepage at the roof slab. We also ensure water puddle does not build up at the rooftop. The rain water is channeled to the outlet treatment for proper drainage.

Commercial Roof Slab – Temple

Direct sun on the rooftop may cause the roof to crack due to heat from the sun. One of the ways to fix the rooftop waterproofing is via bitumen waterproofing membrane. However, we do not prefer this method as the flat roof tends to crack within 6 months – 2 years.
Hence, we usually suggest flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane and nano-polymer waterproofing for the rooftop. Besides that, we will build some cracks on the roof and fill it with an expandable membrane. Hence, this will allow the roof slab to expand due to heat, without causing cracking on the roof.

Residential Bathroom Slab

Bathroom water leaking is the most common problem faced in apartments. Some of these problems could be due to the contractor not waterproofing the bathroom floors completely. Or it could be due to the previous contractor not waterproofing the bathroom walls correctly. Lastly, it may just be due to the water drainage grouting’s normal wear and tear.
Normally, if bathroom walls are not waterproofed, it may cause molding on the walls. This is because water vapour tends to seep through the wall due to the water from the shower. If the floor drainage is not grouted correctly, it causes leakage through the crack in the drainage system.

Residential Fish Pond

Fish pond and water feature will enhance the aesthetic design of the house. However, during the construction of the fish pond, it is important to get the waterproofing part done correctly. If this is not done correctly, it may cause future water leakage issue for the pond. It would be a tedious job to fix and rectify a leaking fish pond. This is because you need to move the fishes, which may affect the habitat of the fish in the pond.

Residential Zinc Flashing

Residential Zinc Flashing is a common problem for the normal terrace landed. After some time, the rain water on the roof will seep through. This happens if the zinc is not properly attached to the roof. We usually use a good waterproofing sealant to ensure the rain water will not seep and leak.

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