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Slabs in your home are used everywhere from your floors, to walls, to bathrooms, and even in your kitchen. These slabs are designed to withstand the impact of all the residential activity and stay strong throughout your lifetime. They are connected together in such a way that there is no scope of water or any other kind of leakage. They are made to be bad conductors of heat so that they can stay hot in winters and cold in summers. They are attractive and many times used for their beauty alone.

And yet, these slabs are still very susceptible to cracking due to the following reasons:

  • Pressure: Although slabs are essentially built to withstand pressure at all the time and still function well throughout. Yet, immense and constant pressure over them, combined with bad distribution of weight acting upon them can lead to them developing cracks inside. These cracks can give way to more cracks in the adjacent slabs and ruin a few of them together.
  • Environmental problems: Many different environmental problems can act upon the slabs to create different problems that can result in their cracking. The rapid differences between heat and pressure due to changing weather can create cracks in the slabs. The acting of snowfall and rain can aid in the progression of these problems as well.
  • Molds and Fungus: Although fungus and molds can rarely penetrate through the slabs, but they can very easily penetrate through the areas of connection of slabs. This can create weight distribution problems and result in the cracking of the slabs.

All of these reasons can be prevented and cured throughout slab crack Malaysia repair system. We give services in slab crack repair, slab crack cost, and we also repair concrete cracks. So, call us now!

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