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Rooftops are the head of your home. The terrace is a haven upon which you can inhale fresh air and make use of the perfectly bright sunlight bathing your home. They can be turned into your personal gyms, your Yoga studio, and your very own terrace garden. But even though rooftops are the most used and easily surveyed parts of a home, they are still very much susceptible to rooftop water leaking. This can happen due to cracks in the walls, build up of molds and fungus, and also the degradation of concrete and plaster in the walls.

Whatever may be the case, if the water leaks from the rooftop, the consequences can be baleful for the complete home. And here are the reasons why:

  • Problems with rain: Rooftops are the only regions where rain falls directly on. And if you do not have a good drainage system on the rooftop, the water can collect. And if the rooftop is leaking, the water of the rain can drip through the walls of the rooftop and either directly fall in the floor below, or infect the rest of the walls of the house as well.
  • Infecting the home: If the leakage happens inside the rooftop, it can repel through all the other walls of the home. The leaking water can easily get infected with molds and fungus that thrive on the water and can easily spread everywhere in your home.

And because of all these reasons, we bring you the best services of rooftop waterproofing Malaysia that is meant just for you. We provide you with the highest of quality of rooftop waterproofing system alongside a brilliant concrete flat rooftop waterproofing program. All of this can be delivered directly to your home with a single call!

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