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Is your bathroom waterproof? Or has it been leaking water in the walls and below the floor? Are your neighbours complaining about the fact that the water from your bathroom is leaking into the walls? And this is causing fungus and mold to grow on the walls of your neighbours? Then you certainly require our service, your best waterproofing contractor! Because we bring you bathroom waterproofing Malaysia, the best waterproofing services in all over the country, in affordable rates, best quality of work, delivered to you through our highly trained and years of experienced professionals.

In most cases, you will find this problem in most condos or apartments. Your bathroom can be leaking water due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged walls: This is one of the most major reasons for water leakage in bathrooms. The walls can be damaged due to the usage of weaker materials, seismic activity, or because of age. If you are living in a home that is really old, it is possible that the plaster of your walls is not functioning as it used to in the earlier times.
  • Cracked floors: This is predominantly the most common issues with bathroom water leakage. It could be due to no proper grouting at the water outlet in the drainage system, or inadequate waterproofing being done for your bathroom. If there are any cracks on the bathroom floors, water will be able to seep through the crack, and without waterproofing, it will leak down to the below unit.

Besides that, your bathroom water leaking problem could also be due to the sink drain leaking, residential floor leaking, and hotel bathroom leaking problems. These problems can be solved with the help of our professional waterproofing specialist to fix your bathroom water leakages. We uses the advance technology in waterproofing such as nano polymer waterproofing and non-hacking waterproofing to resolve your problems. We specialize in covering KL and Selangor area. So, call us now!

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