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Basements are literally the base of your house. They are usually built either close to, onto, or under the ground. Because of this close relationship with the literal ground of the Earth, they become very prone to problems, especially problems with water leaking. Basements are the most susceptible of all places of water leaking that happens inside a house. This is because the build-up of bacteria, molding, the fungus can occur in the basement rapidly due to its nature of being a cold dingy place which mostly stays dark.

Basements never truly get much sunlight, and so they are not able to help the walls, ceiling, and the floors of the basement like it does with rest of the home. Basement is also nearer to the ground and so can also be affected by both the man-made and natural seismic activities of the Earth. This can essentially make the walls, ceiling, and the floor of the basement quite weak and open up for cracks and fractures. And since the basement walls are mostly out of the normal surveillance of people, the basement leakage detection becomes much of a challenge. And by the time you figure out what is going on, it is already too late.

And so, we bring you, the best rooftopbalcony and basement waterproofing in Malaysia just for you! We will take care of your residential waterproofing, making sure of the basement waterproofing repair and all of this after we do a scrutinized surveillance of the walls, the floors, and the ceiling of the basement of your home. So, that we can make sure that we took care of all of your basement leaking problems. So, call us now and let us make your basement leak proof!

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