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We are a Malaysian incorporated company incorporated in 2006 under the name ENGINEERING INNOVATIONS. Later, we were incorporated as a private limited company known as EI SDN BHD 869323-D. Besides that, we cover mostly KL and Selangor area in Malaysia. However, sometimes, we may also go to Negeri Sembilan or other parts of Malaysia, if the project is big.

As our slogan “Inspiring Engineering”, we source and use innovative products sourced around the globe to provide a solution for the various waterproofing problems. Our innovative products include Nano Polymer Waterproofing, as well as Non-hacking Waterproofing.

This latest waterproofing technology can provide waterproofing solution that is breathable, and yet able to prevent water seepage when there are small cracks. Hence, this would fix many issues inherent in waterproofing.

To revolutionize our approach to building inspection, introducing our advanced Drone Building Inspection services. Catering to both commercial and residential properties, our cutting-edge drone technology allows for meticulous spot checks, precisely identifying water leakage issues. Elevate the efficiency and accuracy of your inspection process, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your structures and enabling prompt and targeted solutions to potential water-related concerns.

Why Choose Us…

There might be a lot of waterproofing contractor alternative in the market, but few would provide the comprehensive, all-in-one waterproofing solutions that have all these features:

  • Able to analyze the root problem and advise a solution
  • Solutions recommended does not solve the root cause
  • No hacking required, as our nano polymer can be placed on many materials
  • Dust-free waterproofing work, because we do not need to hack and cause debris
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non toxic
  • Odorless treatment
  • Competitive pricing
  • 5 years warranty

Our Scope…

Amongst the scope that we cover, and examples of the situation that may need our waterproofing services, the below are the examples of situations prevalent in the Malaysia scenario.

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